Kayleigh Maven


SCS Real Estate

301 Main Street, Mosinee, WI 54455

Born and raised in central Wisconsin, this is my home and where I feel most nurtured as a professional and as an individual. I was lucky enough to move and travel when I was 18 which provided me with a lot of insight and appreciation for this area. Currently living on the Florida panhandle, I travel to work in WI for the opportunity to grow and flourish with SCS Real Estate as I do what I am most passionate about- real estate! After being licensed in Florida I quickly realized how many people and opportunities I have in my home state. Working the two completely separate markets has formed me into an incredibly well rounded and advanced agent. So whether you’re looking to say hello or goodbye to your home, wanting to start an investment portfolio, or whatever real estate goals you may have- I would be honored to assist and make you my top priority. 

Outside of real estate you will find me reading a book, spending time with animals, taking pictures, or working and studying interior design. I love the peace that comes with autumn, spending time with my family, and focusing every day on becoming the best person I can be!